About us Tjunafish.

We are a creative shoal of people who enjoy to dive into the ocean of opportunities.

Office Culture.

Besides the digital mindset that is always present at Tjuna, we all enjoy to share our discoveries and creations with each other. Whether you share these at the coffee corner or during our Friday wrap-ups, curiosity is encouraged at Tjuna.

After Hours.

We attend events and celebrate the milestones with our clients. Our rooftop terrace provides the perfect setting to celebrate everything between small successes like a productive week to large events such as product launches.


The success of any company is determined by its people. The team and the close knit community of supporters are the driving force behind the agile company that Tjuna is today.

We are inventors, creators and solution thinkers that challenge the status quo. Just because something has not been done before, does not mean it is impossible. This is the mindset that drives our company.

Christine Coops

General Manager

Mike van de Vliet

Strategy Consultant

Vincent Croes

Solutions Consultant

Erik de Groot

Backend Developer

Jannis Nikoy

Backend Developer

Anh Nguyen

UX Designer

Stijn de Ligt

Backend Developer

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