Harvey Nash

Personal recruitment in the digital era

Who is Harvey Nash?

Since 1988, Harvey Nash has supported many of the world's top organisations to recruit, source and manage the highly-skilled talent they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive world. With over 40 offices over 3 continents, Harvey  Nash offers permanent, contract, interim and executive recruitment.

The Challenge

As a global company, Harvey Nash empowers its staff to adopt a tailored approach to local markets, clients and cultural needs and encourages innovation at every level in the organisation. How could we help them with their ambition to innovate?

A new application

5 years ago we took over the existing Harvey Nash application, with the needs to re-think the chosen solution. With the ever evolving digital landscape and the ambition to be innovative, the first step we took was to improve their application and made it future proof. So now that the app is future proof, what’s next?

The Solution

How can we improve the application? How can we make it more personal? These are some of the questions that we currently investigate.

By discovering the needs from the employees of Harvey Nash, we found out how they want to service their candidates. By discovering the needs of potential candidates, we found out how candidates want to be serviced.

After successfully finishing the Customer Journey and Infrastructure Roadmap, we are now in the process of choosing the best digital solution to service Harvey Nash’s candidates.

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