Track the development of your children

What is GroeiGids?

GroeiGids is a serie of seven booklets in which parents receive information about pregnancy, development, health and upbringing of their child. You will find practical tips for the sometimes-challenging moments in parenting.

The Challenge

GroeiGids wants to provide useful healthcare information for parents and their families, based on their personal situation, as often it can be difficult as a new parent to know exactly what your child needs.

An idea was born

Through expert working groups, we identified what digital solution could provide direction to parents. It became clear there was great value for a place for parents to track the growth of their children by logging information, such as weight, height, and important milestones like your child’s first steps.

Additionally, the online solution also compares weight and height data with the national average. There are options for parents to add videos or photos for yourself and your family and to receive healthcare from experts.

The Solution.

The platform is also a communication channel for the GGD Amsterdam – parents can receive messages based on their secure data. We built an automatic messaging system that provides practical information and tips on the development and upbringing of children based on the entry of important milestones.

The platform now has an active base of over 200,000 active users, and a total of 400,000 profiles with over 20 million entries.

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