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Improve the employee learning experience

What is GrandVision?

With 7,000+ stores in over 40 countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia, GrandVision is a global market leader for eye care. With more than 36,000 employees selling prescription glasses, contact lenses, eye care products and sunglasses, GrandVision has heavily invested in training their staff to become industry leaders through their GV Academy.

The Challenge

While GrandVision used a learning platform, adoption and use of the tool was low because it was not focused on the user experience for employees. The key question was: how do you ensure successful learning for an international company depending on a variety of market locations and cater it to different employee roles – from sales assistants to opticians?

Positive employee learning.

To drill down on the real issues of user experience, we set up a consortium of members from across markets and functions to understand really what enables positive employee learning and engagement.

Through journey mapping we identified key moments that were especially difficult for users. For example, accessing content on different devices, how users tracked their progress, and how they were recognised for gaining new knowledge and skills.

The Solution.

Then, together with employees, we developed ideas to tackle barriers and engage with users. We tested the ideas with the end-users to validate if these raise motivation and adoption of learning at GV Academy. Feedback on this research was incorporated into the prototype.

The Minimum Viable Product has gone Live and we head towards Release 2. Several countries have already shown serious interest. To be continued on how to learn and develop through the GV Academy.

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