De Schrijverscentrale

Literature launched into the 21st century

Who is de Schrijverscentrale?

De Schrijverscentrale aims to encourage people to read and share stories together by setting up author visits around the Netherlands. Their expertise helps arrange inspiring encounters between authors and readers. Annually, the organisation sets up around 5,000 author visits at libraries, schools, bookshops and festivals.

The Challenge

Increasingly, de Schrijverscentrale had difficulties to co-ordinate and organise events efficiently – as demand grew, so did the complexity and workflow of this organisation.

How the story started

To start off we ran employee interviews to understand how their process used to work. This was carried out entirely manual, mostly on paper, and often de Schrijverscentrale employee would work long hours to ensure correct bookings.

We saw a clear opportunity for a marketplace platform, to automate the key processes of event organisation. This would help de Schrijverscentrale focus on higher value activities, rather than chasing paperwork.

The Solution.

The solution is a completely automated platform for organisations and event organisers, connected to the existing CRM system of de Schrijverscentrale.

Authors can now manage their personal profiles, for everyone that visits the website. They can see what campaigns have been planned, what contracts are open, and what their availability is.

Organisations can create an account on de Schrijverscentrale platform and explore the list of authors. If they find an author they like, they can get in contact and book the author for their event. De Schrijverscentrale can now focus on nation-wide campaigns like “Literatour” and “Kinderboekenweek”, to scale their impact.

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