Learning by playing

What is Bakkersbrein?

Nationale Bakkerij Academie (NBA) is the academy for everyone who wants to learn baking bread or selling bread. NBA organises trainings that are practical and bakery oriented. The training courses are a combination of online learning and training meetings.

The Challenge

The training of the NBA aims to ensure that the knowledge and motivation of employees increases. So how can you engage employees of bakeries to learn and keep them motivated to increase their knowledge? This was the key question of the project and required us to dig deep to understand what people need to get motivated.

10 themes, 10 questions.

A mobile quiz that measures the level of knowledge of bakeries' employees. With multiple stores with their own selected content of over 10 themes with 10 questions per theme. It concerns questions about bread, banquet, chocolate, but also about hygiene, food safety, product deviations, allergens and how to deal with customers.

The Solution.

The application measures the engagement by analysing the progress of each store. Store owners have store specific insights to take action where needed to increase the knowledge of his employees. To engage the employees, NBA offers prizes to that employee that has the best time and the best score within a category.

Already Bakkersbrein has 920 active players, over 184 connected bakeries and 27067 sessions played.

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